Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dang, He's always there!!

So I haven't blogged in a while, actually a really long LONG while. So a quick update about my life:
1. all it feels like i do is work, go to school, and do homework. (notice sleep is not in there, because i dont have time for that..CAFFEINE)

well thats my only update on my life becuase thats all I do.

So something a little more serious and a little more informative.
As my last post says i have recently felt like i am located here, in Maryland and God, well, He is in i don't know Japan. Well, this has all changed. Either He is back here in Maryland or I'm in Japan (i personally think its the first one, but it would be awesome if it were the second one). For the past week I have been focusing more on God, i have been spending quality time with Him, in prayer and reading His word. This time I have been spending with Him is not like it used to be, its different, its better. Instead of just reading His word, im studying it, i'm reading it and reading it and praying over it and meditating on it in order to get out and see what God is trying to teach me in that passage. Instead of when i pray just listing off a bunch of things i want, or i think i need, or that i want Him to do for me, or i want to do, its a's not only me talking, but its me listening to what He is saying to me too. This is something that God has been teaching me for a while, but i just haven't been applying it. It's awesome to know that I have somebody to talk to, somebody who will listen to me, somebody who is always going to be there to talk when i need somebody to talk to and nobody will answer their phone and i feel like i have nobody there...duuh i have somebody, there i have God! why has it taken me so long to realize this? i dont know. What it took was me hitting rock bottom, me feeling like everybody i had left me..or is in another state, and not answering there phone. And those who were in this state, i just didn't feel close to anymore. The at lunch one afternoon with one of the most awesome people hit me..God is always there! and these past two months when i had been struggling with being back home (3 months now, crazy!), or stuff going on at home. He has been there to listen the entire time.

It is an awesome feeling to know this and to be finally applying it to my life..i feel like i have this weight just lifted off my shoulders.

well thats all for today, going to go get my friend from work and eat some dinner! More to come tomorrow or friday i PROMISE!