Tuesday, November 30, 2010

am I back in Maryland? booo.

So I got home on sudnay from Michigan. Let me make you a list of my adventures real fast:
  • watching Sara peel apple, lots and lots of apples.
  • running the gobble wobble, 9 minute mile, what now.
  • deciding i was going back up in may to run a 10k, i think i hadn't gotten much sleep when i decided this.
  • watching toy story 3, then 2, then 1...thats right backwards toy story marithon.
  • braving target on black friday, at 5pm..for chapstick
  • went on a hunt for Santa, but failed, because he was MIA at both malls. =( supposedly it was my fault for not telling Sara 100% of the reasons why life sucks.
  • Build a ginger bread house...it is AWESOME.
  • ate, a lot!! everything we did had to do with food
  • Got two yes TWO hours of sleep the night before i left.
Overall I had an AWESOME trip to Michigan, and can't wait to go back in May.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm in Michigan, I'm in Michigan!!!

oops, forgot that I promised to post yesterday on my way to this cold state they call Michigan. I'm not really good and keeping my posting promises obviously.

So, thing that I have done in the cold state they call Michigan:
1. peeled apples
2. read 200+ pages of Redeeming Love (I'm slightly addicted)
3. watched Toy Story 3 (I didn't cry this time)
4. found out that my breaks on my car are more screwed up than I though, thankfully grandma is here to pay for them, I love that woman, even if we don't get along.
5. eaten an entire bag of Swedish fish, and is now working on a bag of sour patch kids
6. peeled more apples
7. gone on a random driving adventure around Grand Rapids
8. decided I'm going to die tomorrow running, here's to hoping i can switch to the 1 mile fun run. =)

Well that's the end of the ""things I've done so far in the cold state the call Michigan" list.

So tomorrow is my FAVORITE holiday EVER!!! reason why: because I get to eat A LOT of food and not get judged for it.

On a little more serious note. Last Sunday in my small group we went around and complemented each other. It had nothing to do with the lesson, but we decided to just do it, because that never happens. I was told by one of the girls that they admire how strong i am in my relationship with Christ. The thing is, I'm not. Or at least recently I haven't been. I want to strengthen my relationship with Him again, but I can't figure out how. I just keep making excuses. I keep telling my self I know I need to spend time with God but I'm just to busy, or I will do it later, or I just don't feel like because I'm tired. But then I wonder why I'm so stressed, and frustrated, and why the holidays are bothering me so much. And it hits me, I need to be spending one on one time with Jesus. He's the only one who can give me the strength I need to make it trough this first holiday season with out my mommy. He's the only one who can make me less frustrated, and the only one who can make me less stressed. As much as I want to lean on people to help me with all these things, they can't. Yes every once in a while you need to talk to somebody, and you need to have those close human relationships that can help you grow, keep you accountable, and challenge you. But you can't rely only on them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four months and one day....

So, I'm finally posting again, almost a month after I promised I would post the next day. oops. my bad.

     Once again I am going to begin my post with something about Romania, because that is the inspiration for this blog after all. Its crazy to think that I have been home for four months and one day. Four months and one day ago I was on top of the world, but falling hard. I was having trouble adjusting back to the states, I was battling some friends in my hair, and I was missing my team more than I have ever missed anybody in the world, and I was missing Romania.
     Four months and one day later I've finally adjusted back to being home as much as possible, I've gotten back into the grind of life as much as I don't want to be. I still miss my team and everything about Romania. I want my 8 best friends back by my side 24/7, but they are all hours upon hours away. I want to be back in Romania away from all the distractions of American life, that sucks as I have stated in previous posts. And about falling..well not just falling, but falling hard. I have hit the ground, began to climb back up, but fallen again. I have had my ups and downs since being home from Romania, many downs, some ups. I"m struggling to stay strong with Jesus and cant seem to figure out how to go about fixing it. So my life is basically backwards from four months and one day ago.
     Who knows were I will be in four months and one day from today, hopefully I will be back on top of the world, adjusted to life back in the states but working hard to serve Jesus here and not just over seas, living life like its a mission trip everyday.

Any who, thats my short novel for today. Post tomorrow: highly unlikely. Tuesday of next week while on a plane on my way to Michigan, likely.