Friday, September 3, 2010

The love that only a child can show...

This week has been full of stuff that I never though I would do. Number one being starting this blog. Number two being getting a job. Which I start TOMORROW...starbucks. heck to the yes! I'm super pumped. I opened a checking account only took being turned down by two banks before finding one that was willing to give me one..jerks! My grandma yelled at the people at both the other banks..yikes!

The little girl I babysit. (Amanda)
Have you ever thought about the unconditional love that children give? No matter what you do a little kid will always love you. You could be that "bad guy" who always says "its time to clean up" or "no don't do that" but they always still give you hug. Today I babysat a little girl who I have been babysitting since she was a baby. We were sitting on the couch watching "Bob" as she calls it..more commonly known as Veggie Tales. Were sitting on the couch and she was sitting on my lap and she goes "Kelsey, I love you". And this is after I made here clean up her play room and be quiet because baby Logan was sleeping. Little kids just have this unconditional love. I was also shown this in Romania with all the kids and the boys who we lived with. They were so loving! It makes me think about how we are so critical and so fast to judge and be rude but so slow to love and be kind like children. We are Gods children after all so shouldn't we love like a child does? God has really been teaching me that I  need to love more like a child and not be quick to judge.

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